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Role of the Group

Heathrow Strategic Planning Group (referred to as the Group or HSPG) represents many of local authorities and other public organisations responsible for planning the land use, transport, environment, economic development and sustainable development of the sub-region surrounding Heathrow Airport. HSPG works proactively to shape any proposals for expansion of the airport to ensure these are sustainably planned, and to maximise the benefits and minimise the impacts felt across the area. The Group works constructively with but is independent of Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) or any other promoters, and of Government. The individual member organisations have their own policy positions on the proposal for a third runway and proposed changes to aircraft flightpaths and operations.

HSPG is an informal joint working (unincorporated) partnership and Slough Borough Council is the accountable body for the small Core Team of technical and administrative staff who service the Group. See About Us for details of membership organisations and further information.

STOP PRESS - Latest News

UPDATE 19.5.20 - this website is in the process of being updated. Given the Court of Appeal's decision on 27th February 2020 that the Airports National Policy Statement (ANPS) is unlawful, and the subsequent pause in Heathrow Airport expansion scheme proposals, and the current Covid 19 crisis, HSPG is refocussing its objectives and priorities. The resources and publications on this website are still available and relevant. Various parts of the website will be changed as soon as possible, such as the 'Role of the Group' and the 'About Us' page, and further publications and resources will be added.

You can find various documents under the 'Resources' tab and more detailed information about HSPG on the 'About Us' page.

HSPG has produced an Economic Development Vision and Action Plan (EDVAP), an action-focused Plan to maximise the economic productivity, skills, jobs and business development in the HSPG area, through the prism of Heathrow airport economic activity, either current or with an eye on potential expansion. The EDVAP can be read here alongside the detailed action plan and evidence base.

HSPG has produced an Joint Spatial Planning Framework (JSPF) – a sub-regional scale strategic vision and action plan for the sustainable development of the sub-region that responds to the opportunities and challenges presented by Heathrow Airport Ltd’s expansion proposals. The JSPF, supporting documents and an important Position Statement can be read here.

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